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Easily available webmail, instant messengers and unsecure wireless networks at work might result in illegitimate data or confidential info transfer. On one hand, where non-business activities can diminish the employee productivity, a few illicit activities can prove to have far-reaching legal aspects. Make use of spyware tool called Computer Spyware Tool designed specifically for employee desktop activity surveillance.

Devised as network spyware tool, the Computer Spyware Tool seeks for a server and client to perform monitoring process. This software comprises two executable setup files, namely, Viewer and Agent which facilitate transfer of information between the monitoring system and the target computers. The Viewer setup file is installed on the monitoring computer while the Agent setup file is installed on all the computers that are to be tracked. The installation of Agent setup file can be done both remotely (with administrative rights) and manually. Multiple computers configured to a network or a workgroup can be registered and added to the Viewer computer.

This quintessential utility supports you to keep a close watch on employee productivity, fluctuating performance levels, transfer of confidential official data and questionable employee activities. Designed with employee management perception, this tool tracks activities occurring on targeted computers on LAN (Local Area Network).

This remarkably easy to understand spyware tool lets you record the LIVE activities in AVI file format with online and offline recording options. Using online recording option you can record employee activities when server is actively working and using offline recording you can record when server is not working actively to monitor activities. Hence, even if administrator is not present, he/she can monitor the employees and save the clip as a proof of illegitimate utilization of office resources.

For monitoring computer(s), administrator needs to make sure they exist in domain or workgroup based network. In addition to this, you need to have complete administrative rights. Using this free spyware software you can also manage and control the targeted computers by executing commands such as Lock Computers, Restart Computers, Shut down Computers, Log Off Computers, Start Screen Saver on monitored computer and Remove Wallpaper of the monitored computer.

This spyware software is helpful for companies, security organization and for legal purposes such as employee security breach, misconduct, transmission of intellectual property and maintaining complete security in the organization.

Free Trial Version:

This free spyware software is also available for free download. The free to evaluate copy of the software is fully functional. You can use the free evaluation copy to monitor single computer for a time period of 07 days. If you wish to continue using the Computer Spyware software after 7 days, you need to purchase the product key of the software. The activation key of the software is available at nominal prices.

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 Software Awards

Software Features
  • Ability to install agent remotely on chosen computer(s).
  • Real time desktop activity monitoring over LAN.
  • Works remotely in network and monitors n number of computers through Viewer.
  • Wide-ranging control over employee computer so you can close it, lock it, restart it, start screen saver and remove wallpaper.
  • Allows you to send monitoring notifications to the computer(s) being monitored.
  • Enables monitoring both the monitors of dual screen attached computers.
  • Enables you to view LIVE activities on employee computer.
  • Allows invisible monitoring and stealth monitoring of remote desktop activities.
  • Save desktop activities with Online and Offline recording.
  • Allows you to send instant messages to computer(s) being monitored.
  • Boosts employee efficiency and enhances profit margins.